3 April 2017

use it or lose it

turns out if you don't blog for over a year the part of your brain that stores your blog password (the same one you've had for the entire ten, no, ELEVEN years of this blog, mind you), atrophies, or maybe just fills up with shopping lists or menu plans.

anyway a week later I tried again et voila here I am.

what's been happening? um, the knitting has slowed down somewhat and the sewing has ramped up. I've totally revitalised my wardrobe with lots of simple sewing patterns in lovely fabrics. I've realised I don't enjoy executing complex patterns, but prefer to sew the same Esme dress/Scout tee/Owyn pants/Kate-Gabby tunic mashup over and over, in pretty fabrics. having said that, I've just purchased a Vogue reprint of a 1940s vintage dress pattern so watch this space. (in another year, probably).

the boychildren are no longer children but all grown up. two are at university and those same two did a lot of travelling around Europe last year, while the third is in his last year at high school. funny to look back on the first few posts of this blog eleven (!) years ago and see him as a wee six year old.

me? I've been travelling in between work work work. our retreat|recreate textile tours business is going great guns and we've now held textile retreats in Bali twice, Vietnam once, and are about to head off to Vietnam for the second time next month. a textile tour in Japan is booked for later this year (27 August to 6 September - bookings are open! sign up now!)

the kitties are well. the mister is well. the garden is a mess because our little semi-rural area got proper sewerage connections last month (five years of planning and works) and a noisy digger ploughed right through our paving, the fire pit, a garden bed and the lawn all in the name of decommissioning the septic tank and installing a new tank with pump and lots of pipes leading up to the big pipe under the road that connects us to the rest of Melbourne's stinky sewerage network.

Batik tjanting tools from our batik and indigo dyeing workshop in Bali last October.