29 September 2015

indigo and shibori

Have I shown you all the blues yet I wonder? I used to use this blog as a record of all my makings but more and more I seem to use Instagram. I've done a lot of indigo and shibori dyeing this year - kickstarted by a workshop earlier in the year at the Handmakers Factory, run by bekind textiles. I had previously dyed with indigo when I was a member of the Natural Dye Group at the Botanic Gardens, but needed a push to get me going again (and this was my year of making time to do stuff again). Since then I've dyed lots of serviettes,

Fun with the indigo vat #dyeing #indigo #shibori


Indigo on handspun, mohair and merino singles. #dyeing #botanicaldyeing #indigo #spinnersofinstagram #handspun


Indigo and Shibori on silk and muslin scarves #indigo #shibori #dyeing #botanicaldyeing

and so on.

shibori bundles

Then a friend asked me to host an indigo play date at her house so a group of us dyed scarves and tea towels,

Shibori and indigo on silk scarves and linen tea towels

Practice pieces before the real thing

and finally at craft camp earlier this month I ran another indigo dyeing session.

I set up an indigo vat at craft camp. These are @janljos' gorgeous panels.

Shibori and indigo at craft camp

And then I went and sewed a whole lot of blue clothes.

Crinkle linen long skirt with enormous pockets.

Wiksten tank in William Morris lawn

Procrastinatory project - another Wiksten tank in left over navy crinkle linen

And one colourful dress.


Next blog post - the textile arts retreat in Ubud! I get on a plane the day after tomorrow and I cannot tell you excited I am.