21 August 2015

little hints of spring

Sparkly river with bonus sun flare

Icy at my place this morning

Pale pink cousins to the red ones from earlier in the week

I never tire of waking up to this

Hints of spring

winter is here

Gumnut babies

Betsy likes a freshly lit wood stove. Well for the first ten toasty minutes anyway until it gets too hot.

After a cold cold winter, I'm ready for some warmth.

19 August 2015

handmade update

Poor neglected (ten year old!) blog. I really should feed and water it occasionally.

Ok. Here are some pics of my handmade achievements over the past couple of months.

Reclaiming my fondness for pink with two Hemlock Woven Tees
A couple of woven Hemlock tees. Quick, easy, PINK.

Stylish Dress Book 2, dress G #handmadewardrobe #craftcampjune2015
An apron dress from Stylish Dress Book 2 (dress G), in black stretch linen. This has been a huge success - I'd wear it every single day if I could get away with it. I already have another cut out in indigo dyed lightweight linen, and tentative plans for one in oatmeal-coloured linen for summer.

Fun with the indigo vat #dyeing #indigo #shibori
Lots of shibori indigo dyed napkins, tea towels and scarves. Slightly addicted.

Never ending cardigan is ended. Blue bits done in the indigo vat!
A 'caramel' cardigan (free pattern on Ravelry) made entirely from charity shop 8ply. I had some grey and a separate amount of lemon yellow, neither big enough to knit an entire jumper or cardi, so I skeined up the yellow balls and dyed them in the indigo vat. Half of them went in twice. See addicted comment above.

sock progress
Socks with yarn from Ixchel Bunny, purchased on my annual weekend away to the Bendigo Wool Show.

Kindle cosy!
A quick diversionary project away from the bigger knitting projects, this little two-evening's-worth-of-crocheting Kindle cosy pleases me enormously. Crocheted with scraps of odd sock yarns, held doubled.

Lila - still needs blocking but as you can tell by the arm creases has already been worn.
A 'Lila' jumper. It is ridiculously cropped and blocking hasn't assisted much with length, but it's warm, cosy and the perfect green. You might remember I knitted the mister a jumper from the same Cascade 220 yarn some years ago (he kindly modelled it while steering a horse). I'll definitely knit this pattern again but I'll make it longer and probably skip the front hem shaping.

I made a #dottieangelfrock
And a dottie angel dress. I am hanging out for some warmer weather so I can actually wear this. I have another cut out in Nani Iro fabric and I'd like to make a couple in less folksy fabric so I can wear them to work. The neckline is crazy wide on me and the back neck needs raising so I need to make a few tweaks, but it's a good all rounder type pattern - easy, comfortable and fast.

It's good to put all my recent handmades in one place like this. I feel like so much of my time is spent at work or at the clothesline or in the supermarket that I don't get "enough time" to make, but seeing them lined up like this is evidence that grabbing those little pockets of time here and there is worthwhile as they do add up.

All the woolly projects are on my Ravelry page if you need pattern or yarn specs.