24 June 2014

Winter solstice

Freeeezing here!

Gale force winds, icy temperatures and i just saw online somewhere that the Yarra has burst its banks in the city and Southbank is flooded. Trees down everywhere too.

We've had both fires roaring, the fake one ...

Winter solstice

and the real one.

Betsy decides fire is good after all. #catsofinstagram #burmese

The cats are doing a lot of this.

Burmese squared #catsofinstagram #burmese

I love you soooo much #catsofinstagram #burmese

But! In between icy blasts on the weekend the mister and i went for a walk to the end of our road to one of the best local swimming holes,

Sunday walk to Laughing Waters waterhole

and picked wild jonquils (pretty pretty weeds) which means Spring will come eventually, right? To continue with the yellow home decor and accessories i also made lemon curd. Sunshine in a jar.

Lemon curd oh yum

In other news, the mister had both a physio and a doctor tell him he needs a knee reconstruction so he dutifully went off to see an orthopaedic surgeon who told him not to bother (i think "at your age" may have been implied but not uttered aloud) but to get an exercise bike to strengthen the leg muscles which will support his poor wrecked knee. (He also said YOU WILL NEVER I REPEAT NEVER PLAY SOCCER AGAIN which made the mister a bit sad). Anyway so as the internet person in this marriage, i was charged with finding a suitable exercise bike on ebay, which is a place i tend to stay away from, for obvious reasons. All of this is a longwinded way of saying that hooboy ebay is fun and oh the 1960s kidney-shaped coffee tables and Ercol armchairs that i am now lusting over, and oops somehow i managed to also snag myself my very own wooden cantilevered vintage sewing accessory, otherwise known in Craft Camp circles as a Lady Sewing Box, or just, a LadyBox. Behold.

Lady Sewing Box.

How beautiful is she? I have had a lovely time organising all my sewing notions and important bits and needless to say with the LadyBox at my side i am now a master seamstress.*

* May not be true.

13 June 2014

restorative weekend

It's cold in Lancefield. #craftcamp

Oh, craft camp. So so good.


This time we were very sadly missing Janet who had Life Stuff to deal with, and we celebrated Caroline's birthday, which reminds me i never shared pictures of the March craft camp when it was my birthday, but if you look here click click linky link you can see a champagne glass and some balloons and there are other shots there too. So, Caroline's turn this time.

Party leftover

A quiet moment in the studio #craftcamp

The food was sensational, as always. So was the company.

Dinner courtesy of Susan M. #craftcamp

I made a few things, including a quilt top for the middle lad who has requested a quilt in the bruise palette.

The bruise quilt top. #quilting #craftcamp

There were noisy galahs everywhere ...

Annual General Galah Meeting.

... some cold crisp mornings and nights ...

Good morning #craftcamp #lastday

Three (!) beautiful quilts by Julie ...

Considering the options #craftcamp

... and some cetacean action from Jen.

Moby & Dick

Re-entry to real life is tough after such a wonderful long weekend of sewing, knitting by the fire, eating, talking and laughing with a marvellous group of women. But being amongst people doing what they love, whether that's sewing clothes, making quilts, knitting doll cardigans or drawing, is tremendously nourishing and restorative. It keeps me going.

4 June 2014

aubergine cladonia

Aubergine cladonia.

This is my third time knitting this pattern and it gave me the most grief - i think i frogged the lace border three times before nailing it.

It also took a long time to knit because i took most of the summer off from knitting due to hurty wrists. As a result, this 50th birthday gift is six months overdue oops. I think-hope the recipient likes it though and she's my best friend so forgives my lack of punctuality.

Cladonia detail.

Technical details :: knitted with undyed sock yarn (160 grams of the stuff) and dyed by me with Landscape dyes.

Ravelled here!