3 February 2014

little pink cot quilt

Last November when i was making quilt blocks for Shannon, a friend of ours had her third baby girl (i think i mentioned this in December) and flushed with the success of the blocks, i abandoned my knitting and continued to make more and more pink blocks. Then i dug out a beautiful thick pure cotton white sheet from the linen cupboard and turned the whole thing into a baby quilt.

I was ridiculously pleased with it and it renewed my enthusiasm for quilting, so much so that i hand quilted a queen sized quilt that's been a work in progress for oh, thirteen years now. I'll show you that next time.

In the meantime, speaking of baby girls, i have some rather exciting news to impart.

We are expecting ...

to bring this wee girl home in a couple of months.

She's a Brown Burmese, four weeks old, and we are besotted.