29 March 2014

Now we are seven.

Betsy is 12 weeks old, is freshly spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. She enjoys climbing curtains, falling off tables, doing zoomies at top speed, early morning sunrises and brief but satisfying naps. Betsy is taken.

27 March 2014

Doh, i keep forgetting to blog

I'm not very good at remembering to blog these days. I do post frequently over at Instagram if you're interested (here). But i have lots to show you. I have not touched my knitting since Christmas really due to hurty wrists, so instead have been flexing my quilty muscles and churning out quilts by the, well nit quite bucketload, but you know, several. More than two anyway. ADDICTED.

See that 'nit' up there that should be 'not'? That is one reason why i blog infrequently. It's really hard to edit text on the iPad, and link and the new Flickr is awful. Whinge whinge.

So anyway, thus is a placeholder as a promise to come back SOON with craft camp photos and report, quilt show and tell, sunrises and adorable kittens. Yes, we pick up the new family member tomorrow. Her name is Betsy.

*this, not thus. See?


4 March 2014

February was hot

Blogger has crashed every evening recently when i've tried to blog so i'm going to post quickly and hope for success.

February was hot and a bit scary for a few days there. That first shot shows the charred leaves that landed by our front door on the scariest day. We returned home after an evacuation day to find that yes, the north wind meant our house was directly in the line of fire. Literally.

The last shot is of Melbourne's White Night and it's when i try to link that everything crashes so you need to google White Night yourself, or just enjoy the photo. I put it there to remind myself that we did go out occasionally over summer to have fun, not just hide from the fires.

Other than that it's been birthday season around here with the middle lad turning 18 followed by the eldest turning 20 ohmygod and deciding to drop out of his university course (journalism) and start all over in a new one (music), followed by the youngest suddenly morphing from child to young man overnight, growing three inches and turning 15. This weekend sees my half century and then we're done with birthdays for several months.

Oh and this particular family of kangaroos has decided our place is part of their territory. They turn up at least twice a week and that joey is hilarious.