15 August 2013

morning to night


5.44 pm sky

Morning light and evening light. Mostly to get the photo of myself off the top of the page.

Small excitements this week include learning there's a weekly craft group here at work, and hearing that Longbourn, a novel by Jo Baker telling the Pride and Prejudice story from the servants' point of view, is excellent.

14 August 2013


It's pretty grim around here what with aged care assessments, nursing homes, trying to support a mother who is dropping her bundle, and navigating the bureaucracy, but in the middle of it all the rest of life goes on. The mister had a birthday with a 0 on the end, I went to the wool show in Bendigo with a large contingent of Steiner school mums and managed to mostly keep my wallet in my handbag when it came to yarn (but recklessly purchased a rather fetching and pricey blue wool hat), the middle child and I are touring the universities' open days every weekend, the youngest child had a week camping in the Outback, and work and laundry and cooking don't stop of course. I also did this last weekend.

finally ...

Pleased. (She said, a bit proudly).

5 August 2013

tired and sad

winter evening

It's all a bit challenging and dismal at the moment, after such a promising period. Things have deteriorated and I am very tired and sad.

line break

This is the shawl I began when Dad was in hospital. I bought the yarn on an emergency trip to Mum's local op shop, telling myself it was lovely rustic grey old fashioned scratchy yarn and it would wrap and comfort and be a metaphor y'know. Turns out it's nasty acrylic, and it is a metaphor after all.