22 December 2013

Fourth Sunday of Advent

The fourth light of Advent
It is the light of man.
The light of love, the light of joy
We give and understand.

19 December 2013

nearly there

Some more shots from Queensland. The day after i came home Mum rang me in great excitement to say Dad has been promoted from high care to low care. I am hopeful the move will result in improved surroundings and some companionship.

The kids are all out of school, last night was the tap concert (excellent fun) and i have one day of work left for the year. Nearly there.

15 December 2013

Third Sunday of Advent

Third light of Advent

The third light of Advent
It is the light of beasts.
The light of truth that we may see
In greatest and in least.

14 December 2013

focus on the pretty

Must be December


There's nonsense, but as Son#2 said to me on the phone today, at least it's rational nonsense not unicorns in the bathroom or anything.

Gotta love that optimistic lad.

13 December 2013

weekend in Queensland

long term carpark


Oh Queensland your tropical flowers are lovely

I've been taking the odd Friday off work over the past six months and heading north for long weekends, staying with Mum and going to visit Dad. Life eh? Unexpected.

12 December 2013

quilting is fun

Last pink block I think.

Flushed with the success of the pink and grey quilt blocks (the purple, not so much), i kept going and made four extra pink blocks. Mostly because it was addictive and i couldn't stop, and partly because we received the delightful news that friends of ours had just had their third baby girl.

I dug out my favourite quilting book, sent to me by the lovely and gracious Jane,


... created an inspiration board ...

... and made a quilt top.

Baby girl quilt top done.

I was particularly inspired by this one and this one.

And now i am hand quilting the quilt and loving it. Whoohoo new addiction.

hand quilting

8 December 2013

Second light of Advent

Second light of Advent

The second light of Advent
It is the light of plants
Plants that reach up to the sun
And in the breezes dance.

4 December 2013

Quilt blocks

So Shannon put the call out for some quilt blocks to help out her sister and nieces whose house burnt down and i thought, i can do that. I can make a block. I'm sure i have enough fabric scraps for a block.

Grey quilt block done.

Grey quilt block 2. All ready to post.

Pink quilt block done.

Pink quilt block 3

Purple quilt block 2

Purple quilt block 1

Turns out i had quite a lot of scraps.

Turns out quilting is still addictive.

1 December 2013

First Sunday of Advent

First Sunday of Advent

The first light of Advent
It is the light of stones
The light that lives in seashells, crystals and bones.