13 July 2013

the last few days

crushing cardamom pods for curry

Crushing cardamom for a curry. My house smells divine now.


A night in the city last night to see Circus Oz. Highly recommended.

Sunset in the supermarket carpark

Spectacular but brief sight in the supermarket carpark.

lovely lichen

Lovely lichen.

Appalling night time photo of finished socks before gift wrapping.

Birthday present for Dad. (The hospital is cold). We also bought him an iPod and filled it with classical music. Hoping his next birthday is celebrated at home.

Unphotographed: since finishing study recently I've been loving being able to read whatever I want, whenever I want, no guilt. If you're after some literary diversion, I can suggest When She Woke by Hillary Jordan (or even better, her debut novel Mudbound which is just wonderful), A Constellation of Vital Phenomena by Anthony Marra which is exquisite and haunting, and finally, the truly wonderful and unlike anything else Sea Hearts by Margo Lanagan.

8 July 2013



Thank you for your comments on my last post. I am pleased and relieved to be able to report that Dad's progress is now officially remarkable, according to us anyway. He was discharged from the acute ward after two weeks and is currently in a rehab facility until at least the end of July, but every day he becomes clearer and less confused, and is apparently enjoying reading an Ian Rankin novel (he has no memory of where he picked it up but it has a hospital library sticker on it so presumably (a) the hospital has a library and (b) the occupational therapist took him to that library one morning before Mum arrived for the day. He's also poring over the newspaper each day, shouting at Q&A on the telly and correcting the doctors on various matters so we may safely assume that My Father is back. He is still physically rather frail and his memory has significant gaps, but it's all looking good for a return home possibly next month. I didn't think he would actually get home again, so this is huge.

Early morning through dirty kitchen window.

Speaking of huge, shortly after i came back to Melbourne, i wrote my very last essay for my degree and pushed it through the slot. That felt good. Assuming i pass the essay (i was slightly distracted when i wrote it, after all), i should get to do this next month ...

Came home last night to find my graduation details had arrived. The mister left it  on the kitchen bench for me to find, with little flower and chocolate.  He's not bad sometimes.

Yes! I get to line up with all the twenty year olds and shake the Chancellor's hand. Finally. Who knew, when i started a BA back in 1983 that i wouldn't get to this point until 2013? I am simultaneously embarrassed and proud.