18 May 2013

Instagram photos from recent times


Blue skies in autumn

Morning light

Isa Browns #bokbokbok



soft morning light

Pretty but dead moth in my office. Has been there 2 weeks. The cleaners are not very vigilant.

Unrelated to the photos: the good, the bad and the ugly. A busy few weeks at work, a performance in the Scottish play (just two scenes; candlelight, black corporate suit and evil intent), rain and mist, a tap routine to Johnny Cash, learning Brahms Lullaby at strings group, blue skies, Son#1 passing his driving test and proudly dropping his brother at school some mornings(freaking me out), making feijoa jam and chutney, a disappointment, sewing a spotty skirt, trying to sew a spotty dress but I botched the zip and can't find the energy to pull it out and start again, receiving a palest pink silk scarf from Vietnam, a death, dinner with friends.

There's chicken and vegetable soup on the stove for when the kidlets come home from soccer, with chocolate cake to follow. This week's yoghurt is fermenting in the cooler bag with a couple of hot wheatbags and i'm going to sit by the fire with my knitting for a while.

Bec! Number 12 came out of the hat and you were the twelfth commenter. The 'Sew Red' book will be in the mail when you email me with your address!

12 May 2013

sew red

Sew Red

Remember the Knit Red book? Well there's a sewing one now, Sew Red. Like its big sister, it's full of stories, tips and projects, all in the name of promoting awareness of heart disease, or rather, how to avoid it.

Sew Red dress

Sew Red quilt

There are clothes to sew, bags, quilts (including a Kaffe Fasset one), scarves, jewellery and homewares.

Kaffe Fasset

The nice publishers sent me a copy and although i kept the knitting one for myself, i'm going to give the sewing one away. Free to a good home. If you'd like a crack at receiving it, let me know in the comments and i'll pull a name out of the metaphorical hat.

Sew Red tunic

And happy Mothers Day to all the mothers, grandmothers and aunts out there who make up the village that raises our children. I had pancakes for breakfast on both days this Mothers Day weekend, which is my kind of weekend.