30 March 2013

It was a Good Friday

Good Friday beach walk

Skipping stones


Spitting alpaca

Good to get out of town.

Good to walk on near-empty beaches.

Not so good to be spat on by a grumpy alpaca called Alice.

13 March 2013

Summer, you may leave now thank you.

A paddling pool with a view.

We've just come out the other side of a record heatwave, despite it being Autumn, apparently. As part of my cunning plan to deal with the ridiculous temperatures, we bought the youngest child a pool for his birthday.

Don't get too excited, it's only a thirty dollar paddling pool (and he did get another 'proper' present) but boy it does the trick of cooling one's core body temperature, especially when taken in conjunction with a large G&T (the adults of the household) or lemon cordial (the offspring).

Here is said offspring, about to blow out 14 candles. My baby! Wah!

About to blow out 14 candles

Since the day that was taken, the eldest has also had a birthday (nineteen), the eldest has become the proud owner of his first car (my firstborn! Wah!) the eldest has started university, the middle child came down with a nasty vomitty virus the day his braces were due to come off so he is still in possession of said braces (but is no longer vomitting, thank heaven), i have had a big birthday but not so big that it has a zero on the end, and i've been to the first craft camp of the year. More to come from that later, with photos.

In the meantime, here's the final sunrise shot of this heatwave. Autumn, we're ready for you please.

Last morning of the record heatwave