18 September 2012

knitting news

A few updates in between typing up quotes for my husband (tradesman type quotes, not inspirational quotations twaddle as found on the likes of Pinterest).

Knit Red

This is the book I was perusing when I was rudely interrupted by an echidna. Have you seen it? It's a collaboration between Jimmy Beans Wool and a slew of knitting designers old and new, to promote awareness of heart disease. There is a range of connected industry events and associated products to buy that help support the campaign, and I thought I read somewhere that a percentage of each book sold is donated as well, but for the life of me I can't find that information now so maybe I made that bit up. Anyway it's a good cause so worth supporting, right? Also, it has some fantastic projects in it, including Jared Flood's famous Druid Mittens, and a gorgeous cowl necked chunky cardigan tunic thing by Gudrun that went straight into my Ravelry queue. Look through the book here.

Madeline Tosh Merino Light 3 x skeins of 'Fig'

Gorgeous gorgeous yarn! I bought these at Purl Soho in New York in July (how I love saying that) - Madeline Tosh Merino Light fingering weight singles of deliciousness. Three skeins which are in the process of becoming ...

Clapotis in progress

a 'thank you' clapotis. Dropping those stitches is strangely satisfying although unnerving. Looking forward to finishing this and seeing the final effect.

Madeline Tosh Merino Light

And I couldn't go to Purl without purchasing a little souvenir for myself, could I? Three skeins of the very same yarn in a dusty mauvey purple colour which will become a summer weight cardigan. Either Kyuu, Vitamin D or Celery, I can't decide.

Garter yoke cardi

I finally finished the blue Garter Yoke Cardigan, did I tell you? I took the opportunity to photograph it last weekend at craft camp. This is also from Madeline Tosh although it's worsted weight 'Vintage' this time. I am fast becoming a MadTosh groupie. The cardigan has been deemed a huge success and I've worn it constantly this winter. Definitely a pattern to recommend. Cardi ravelled here if you need the details.

Eldest's Rikke modelled by Youngest.

A hat for the eldest son, modelled by the youngest son. The cardigan took four full skeins but I had to break into a fifth just for a few yards to cast off, so I used the remainder of the skein for a hat. Due to not having the required amount of yarn I had to shorten the hat slightly but not by much, and although it's large on the wee model, it fits the eighteen year old perfectly. He even wears it.


Rikke ravelled here.

New dress #craftcamp

Finally, a dress made at craft camp. I also made another dress, just like this one only slightly shorter and in a heavy weight black denim which I have worn over charcoal pants several times already. I'm looking forward to wearing this lightweight version in the warmer weather. Speaking of which, here's some Spring for your viewing pleasure.


12 September 2012

We interrupt the holiday snaps

for a little wildlife.

ECHIDNA! OUTSIDE MY FRONT DOOR! Doing that whole 'I can't see you therefore I am invisible' thing.



I was sitting outside with a cup of tea and a new knitting book yesterday morning in the brand new still-a-novelty Spring sunshine (no work as i had an afternoon of medical appointments lined up for Son#2 who is having surgery next week) when i heard a loud rustling a few feet away, halfway up the steps. Closer inspection revealed this little fellow pretending to be invisible.

Poked his snout out for an instant

I sat still on the steps and after a while he poked his snout out for a brief moment. Small excitements!

An hour or so later as we left the house he was still there but had dug into the earth and covered himself almost completely with dirt and leaves. When we came home that afternoon the only evidence of his visit was an echidna-sized hole by the steps, which cleared up the mystery of who is responsible for the similarly sized holes we regularly see dotted about the garden.

Next up, either knitting news, The Cloisters, or Part I of Barns of Idaho: an occasional series. I'm undecided.

11 September 2012

the high line

Some more shots from NYC, this time of the High Line. I savoured every minute of this fabulous urban park / grass roots community project / ultimate recycling success. I took rather a lot of photos of it too. Dear Sue was ever so patient with me as I wandered slowly along, exclaiming every step of the way.

























You can read about the High Line here.

3 September 2012

nyc pics


Outside the New York Public Library

Chrysler building


Breakfast hilarity
Breakfast with lovely friends

Subway art

Empire State Building

Staten Island Ferry

Lady Liberty

Flatiron Building. My absolute favourite.


Manhattan skyline


Harlem. On our way to church on a Sunday morn.

The fabulous Liberty wall at Purl Soho.

I could post a gazillion more photos but you can see them all here if you're interested. There are two things I'll share separately as they were such highlights for me that they can't be lumped in this post - the Highline which was just sensational and so inspiring; and a visit to The Cloisters (an annexe of The Met) which was better than I could have hoped for. A monastery! Late medieval/early modern unicorn tapestries! Not these ones, the other ones! Mentioned here too, by a certain bird. More soon.