25 August 2012

place marker

Life continues apace. I'm slowly sorting and uploading all my photographs from my recent travels to New York, Seattle and Idaho, and plan to share some (uh, many) here. In the meantime however other stuff is keeping me busy:

|| the new full time job which is enjoyable but you know, full time;

Winter light

|| after taking last semester off while I settled into full time [paid] work for the first time in nearly two decades, I returned to the University of Rhododendrons and Classical Architecture and am foolishly undertaking a third year English subject which means OMG drowning in the amount of reading;


|| the dog passed away. There is a huge greyhound-shaped hole in our family; it feels so very raw still. Bless his gentle sooky soul. The sixteen year old stood in the driveway and sobbed in my arms like a toddler as the mister drove to the vet for the last time. Fucking cancer.

Last days ...

|| This wee feisty thing brings us joy and laughter most days. I hope we have him for many years yet as we are all a little fragile these days.

Blissed out by the fire

|| Back soon with America photos I hope. Here's one for starters.