29 June 2012

four things

Good morning 1. I made a new lucky interview skirt as the previous one didn't work. This one is in black and white toile and I carefully and successfully placed the pattern piece so a bucolic French scene featuring small children and a pond (and a flute I believe) is perfectly centre front. It worked. Interviewed late on Wednesday, arrived at work on Thursday (yesterday) to find two missed calls from my referees so I knew they'd received The Calls, and while I was chatting to one (never hurts to have the deputy chancellor as one of your referees ...) the call came in offering me the position. Resigned from my current job today. Whirlwinds R Us. Still life with washing and skateboard 2. There was a kangaroo in our street this morning. This is nothing new but this one was particularly reluctant to leave his lush grass patch so I took this shot for posterity. And you. Roo 3. There's a teenage girl in my house! I love it. I want to keep her, please. She is here at Son #1's behest and we are tickled pink at the novelty and thrilled because they have been Best Friends for years, ever since they were twins in Twelfth Night (do follow that link and you'll understand why it's hilarious that they were cast as twins) when they were babes of fourteen. As opposed to the mature eighteen year olds they now are. Anyway, FINALLY etc. Waiting for Friday night fish n chips 4. I have just stuffed an inordinate amount of probably totally impractical clothes into a suitcase and tomorrow my long suffering mister will drive me to the airport at the crack of dawn. I.cannot.wait. It's been quite the week I tell you.

18 June 2012

Craft Camp

Sunlight on Liberty Craft Camp was a welcome respite from The Current Crazy. I finished my Liberty dress (above), made two Schoolhouse Tunics (one black pinstripe which I am wearing as I blog at you, do you like it?, one in a navy Japanese kimono fabric), a pair of navy linen pants and a black and white check skirt to wear to an interview the following week. (It did not bring me success). I also hemmed several skirts that had been languishing in the mending basket for months, did a bit of knitting, and made quince and apple crumble. Magda drawing at craft camp Magda drew. Dazzle Jan joined us on the final day and dazzled us. Literally. Amelia quilted, Caroline sewed pj pants, a dress and bunting, Jenny did amazing things with wool and felt, Janet sewed clothes and refashioned a bag of jumpers, Kate made gorgeous drapey clothes fit for a Greek Goddess/Roman princess and Sue crafted her usual amazing tailored jackets and skirts. Mist at Lancefield It was rather misty and damp. Lancefield Until the sun appeared on the Sunday. Appropriately. Busy busy I forgot to pack my camera so have only an iPhone photographic record. Some of it quite blurry, but fun. Would you like cream with that? There was quite a lot of cream. Cream Camp, really. All round fabulous.