26 May 2012

giant green gloop

A terrible disease killed off all the architects and Melburnians had to do their own buildings I read somewhere someone said about the RMIT building 'A terrible disease killed off all the architects and Melburnians had to design their own buildings'. Architects everywhere are probably cringing at that quote but it makes me chuckle every time I pass along Latrobe St. Edited to add: I have just googled (after the event, of course) and it is known as the Green Brain. Apparently it explores the tension between ideas and materiality. I guess in terms of architecture being designed to challenge and stimulate, it succeeds. (Why is Blogger not recognizing paragraph breaks this week?)

23 May 2012

19 May 2012

From the phone archive

Adams Garden, Elham Bread oven at Fulling, Eltham St Paul's Graffiti Flaked Untitled When I went full time recently and got the Very Important and Busy job they gave me an iPhone (secondhand; it used to belong to my old boss). Shortly afterward I discovered Instagram and I think I've barely touched my proper camera since. Of course there is also the whole being very busy thing, but mostly it's because the phone is always there, it's small and light and doesn't wear a groove in my shoulder etc. So, here is my record of the last few weeks. A visit to a local open garden, some Mothers Day flowers, a flaked out Burmese, and some lunchtime shots from a workday at the city office recently (a novelty for me as I generally work at a different location). I also had knitting to show you but Instagram decided it should be sideways so I am deferring. Perhaps I'll work out how to rotate it this weekend, in between polishing up my cv and tending my feverish and vomitty thirteen year old. And then you can behold the glory that is vintage scratchy wool in old man colours. What about you? How are you?

2 May 2012

is this thing on?

It appears I've completely forgotten how to blog. Red I've been taking a few photos. But not many. Blue note knit Been knitting a bit. But not much. Autumnal Just trying to get through each day and remembering to look up occasionally. Hunkering down for the winter, sewing a bit thanks to an invitation to join a very special bunch at Sewjourn, making travel plans to visit my pals, and working working working.