20 March 2012

All work and no play

the beckoning of autumn

This being Very Busy and Important is severely eating into my blog reading and writing time. Not to mention knitting and sleeping and talking-to-my-husband time. Housework time went out the window weeks ago and I am on the search for a cleaning lady. The children's familiarity with the vacuum cleaner grows ever deeper.

like wings

There have been little pockets of extreme loveliness though, squeezed in among the frantic weeks. A (long) weekend away with the amazing Craft Camp tribe at Sewjourn, a visit to the boys' school's Art Show, and a leisurely wander around a local Open Garden where I greedily bought far too many plants two and a half minutes before the stall lady bellowed Three plants for ten dollars! Timing, I haz it.


I sewed some pretty things at Craft Camp and took terrible pictures of them, however they all turned out well (most unusually for me as i never have a 100% success rate with sewing)and I am pleased, although in my customary late fashion they are all summer clothes, just as autumn settles in. (Planning skillz, I haz them too). Still, that means I have a good nine months to finish the hemming and sew on the hooks and eyes, right?

I won the Op Shop Score of a Lifetime award while at craft camp. A trip to the Lancefield oppie resulted in a snazzy pair of red high heeled maryjane shoes that fit and are RED, and ... wait for it ... a sewing machine. In perfect working order. A vintage Elna. Better than my existing machine. (Its feed dogs can be lowered which many of you will know is a covetable feature in a sewing machine). The sheer appropriateness of buying a sewing machine from the charity shop while at craft camp just slays me. Brilliant. And one day I will have the time to use it, I'm quite sure.

cactus flower

I'm sure I have lots of other Important News to impart but many things have fallen out of my head in order to make room for all the work related business my brain must now hold. Let's see ... Son#1 is driving, did I tell you? It is truly terrifying being the Supervising Driver. Those of you with older children will feel my pain, I am sure. Son#2 is hassling me to let him sit the learners permit test too. I am reining him back, regaling him with stories of his babyhood and toddler antics. It is futile. Sons #1 and 2 both did a barista course to upskill, as they say these days. Both are now full on coffee bores. Son#3 came first in the long jump trials but last when it came to the real event. He bore it with a moist eyed stoicism. I deferred my studies for a semester due to the aforementioned sudden acceleration to full time Very Busy and Important at Work status. I am not bearing it with stoicism, moist or dry eyed. I am seriously disgruntled as I was soooo close to finishing the Neverending Degree. Still, it was refreshing to head off to Sewjourn with sewing and knitting, rather than a pile of notes and a half written essay. I turned 48 and received a pair of fancy pyjamas, chocolate, linens and a brooch. I enrolled in a grown ups tap dancing class (dubbed Nanna Tap). Can't link cos I'm on the iPad but I'm sure you know whose tap school it is. Also, soccer season started so it's goodbye weekends for the foreseeable future.

It's all rather too busy around here for a homebody like me.