24 September 2011

how many

bottles of red wine
knitting projects
blocks of chocolate
woolly hats
packets of marshmallows

unknown bulbs in my garden

does one pack for a week of camping?

14 September 2011

making and doing

The essay on medieval textiles wasn't actually on the textiles themselves, but focused rather on the use of religious imagery on household textiles and clothing in the pre-iconoclastic period. But it necessitated some very fun research on textiles from that era and I now have rather a large wishlist over on Book Depository on textiles through the ages and some plotting going on in my head regarding future research. If I can stomach the thought of more years of The Juggle, that is.

Other doings :: thinking, writing, working, knitting. Packing another child off to camp - this time it was Son #1 heading off for a week of rock climbing camp with the other Year 11s before they have to knuckle down to end of year exams. Practising the cello as we have two performances looming large (or gigs, as we like to say. We also call our lessons band practice, rather than middle-aged ladies beginner strings group. Sad, yes).

Makings :: a skirt. Linen from Lincraft, doily from the op shop.

doily skirt
Channelling Dottie Angel only without the chickens.

strippy red cushion cover

A strippy red cushion cover to go with the strippy red quilt top which will one day be a complete quilt draped over my blue couch.

cushion cover

Another cushion cover which I now realise as I look at this photo, isn't quite as randomly pieced as intended.

yet to be decided

And a square of pieced fabrics which was meant to become a sort of patchworked project bag but turned out to be utterly the wrong shape, so will probably become another cushion cover. Or maybe not, as I seem to have made quite a few these days. Don't know what's with that. (Well, probably the lure of small, achievable projects. Unlike say, quilts, or PhDs on medieval textiles).

7 September 2011

scenes from a craft camp

purple shoes

a quiet moment in the studio

the lady sewing boxes


fantastic mr fox

Our Lady of Perpetual Grace

auburn tresses


There was a great deal of laughter, an awful lot of cream, plenty of industry, nourishment (spiritual and physical), exchange, book talk, an essay (on medieval textiles, appropriately), knitting, sewing, quilting, crocheting, op shopping and a crossword. All at the wonderful Sewjourn.

J, S, K, K, C, G, T, J and E, thank you so much.

Full set of photos here.